Product Review by @vernadettecarullophotography - Food Review November 22, 2020 IS CHOCKE-OBLEAS A MEXICAN HEALTHY SNACK WORTH TRYING?

By Vernadette Carullo:  As my body ages, I have been trying to look after myself better, eating healthier whenever I can and exercising more. It is important for me to find healthy snack alternatives that are not only beneficial for my well-being but also delicious. Enter these Mexican snacks called Chocke-Obleas. 

I was contacted by Alfonso Montesinos, the General Manager of Uskonni LLC, based in Lake Forest California 2 weeks ago. He informed me that the company just started distributing this healthy Mexican snack in the USA. They have sent me 2 boxes of these treats to try and also review. This is actually the first time I tried healthy snacks from the country of Mexico. I am super stoked that they chose me to review these treats.

I also asked Alfonso a bit of background of the snacks from his perspective and this is what he said. His family moved from Mexico to the USA to give their daughter, Andrea Montesinos, the best chance of her qualifying and competing for the Winter Olympics and representing their country, Mexico. Whenever her dad, Alfonso, would go back to Mexico, she would always ask him to bring back to the US the Chocke-Obleas. These snacks are quite popular and readily available in any grocery stores in Mexico but is hard to obtain in the USA. Eventually, Alfonso had the idea of distributing these treats here in the US, and so he did. Here I am now blogging about Chocke-obleas.

Written on the packaging of these snacks, it mentions the use of Amaranth. I have not heard of this super food until now. This particular ingredient is not readily available where I am from, the Philippines and Australia. Imagine my surprise when I further researched this ingredient.

What is Amaranth?

Amaranth is a super food. It was a major food crop of the Aztecs and some estimate that it was domesticated between 6,000 to 8,000 years ago. I came across an article by Dr. Axe online, who is a chiropractor, doctor of natural medicine, clinical nutritionist and is a best selling author, stating the 9 benefits of Amaranth. They are the following— high source of protein, reduces inflammation, supports bone health, helps lower cholesterol, aids the digestive system, helps fight diabetes, gluten-free, helps pregnant women due to its folate content, and aids in weight loss. Definitely check out the article he wrote online for more information about Amaranth.


Knowing the benefits of this super food, I was more inclined to consume these treats. Since I was not familiar what other food I should pair these wafers with, I did have a look at their IG page to give me an idea. I saw people were consuming this by itself, with fruit or with yogurt. I also saw they were using it as the sandwich layers for their ice cream sandwiches. I chose to eat these snacks with cut up fruit and vanilla yogurt. And since I love my afternoon tea session, I also paired this with drip coffee and milk.



Most of the grains adhered to the thin layer of chocolate on top of the wafer but some did fall off the wafer. If you do not like messy eating, I do suggest grabbing a small plate to catch the Amaranth grains. I actually thought the chocolate layer was only on top but when I bit into the wafer, I also saw there was a thin chocolate layer in between wafers. I was surprised they were able to add that layer, since the wafers are paper thin. And the wafers remain intact despite the additional layer. Out of the two flavours, my fave was the Chocolate Wafer, since it gave me more chocolate flavour in every bite. If you want a less chocolate version, go for the Amaranth Wafer.

I am truly changed by the experience of eating such a wonderful treat hailing from the land of Mexico. I am not only in awe but truly grateful to have experienced a part of your culture through these snacks. If you are like me who wants the best of both worlds in terms of healthy snacking, then this Mexican snack should be in your roster of options.


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