Product review by Kelly - The Snack Bitch - Orange County CA

I wish there was a wafer me to eat all the chocolate without the calories.

Well, now I feel like I can!

Thank you to @chockeobleasusa for sending me these Chocke-Obleas which translates to choco wafers.

These snacks are made of Amaranth and chocolate, which is low in calories, low carb, low fat and a good source of protein!

Amaranth is a great source of fiber, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and other vitamins. Thank you snacking for teaching me about new ingredients too!

They come in two flavors, Amaranth and Chocolate. They are filled with either regular or sugar free dark chocolate.

Honestly I tend to crave something sweet after dinner and this has been the perfect amount of sweetness with no guilt! Im loving these!

All my chocolate lovers out there, please check them out!